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Nidhi Jalhotra - Senior Quality Assurance

Nidhi Jalhotra - Senior Quality Assurance


Nidhi Jalhotra (she/her) said yes to the Senior Quality Assurance Specialist role. A few months in, she is doing great. “DPG Media is a people company full of positive vibes and energy and enough space to learn and implement new things.”

Nidhi landed her job during COVID-19, so she met most of her team remotely. “Everyone is very supportive, helpful, and welcoming. The tech teams have an accepting nature. Being a non-Dutch speaker, I haven’t felt like an alien even a single day.”

We promised Nidhi a dynamic work environment - and we delivered. The first days were full of introductions, but the team also helped me get to work and contribute asap. If I want to implement, learn, contribute, practice, or adapt something, I can. I like how DPG Media offers endless opportunities: I’m already exploring the possibility of becoming a Scrum Master. So yes, things can move fast here for sure!”