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Dana Arsovska - Data Engineer

Dana Arsovska - Data Engineer


What draws Data Engineers to DPG Media? “Easy,” says Data Engineer Dana Arsovska, “We have one of the biggest data platforms in the Netherlands, and our news sites are visited by millions of Dutch and Flemish visitors every day. For a Data Engineer, this is very exciting. On top of that, we use the latest big data tech stack.”

DPG Media is the perfect place to learn and grow for Data Engineers. She has firsthand experience: “I’ve been here for five months and I grew a lot during this time. I really like the collaborative environment, the data products I am working on, and the ability to try new ideas quickly.”

Dana started during the lockdown and has worked from home ever since. Starting a new job remotely seems challenging. That’s what Dana thought too, but the onboarding process surprised her. “It couldn’t have gone any better! My team was well prepared: they gave me an overview of everything I needed to know to get up to speed. Everything from company goals to which business units and data teams are responsible for what, and who to turn to if I have questions on specific topics.”

Dana also thought it was a big plus that someone else joined her team simultaneously. “We could help and support each other during the onboarding process.”