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Andrew Gerssen - Area Manager Selectives

Andrew Gerssen - Area Manager Selectives


Boomerang colleague (noun) | boo·mer·ang col·league: Someone that leaves a company but later returns

Andrew Gerssen is one of our ‘boomerangs’ who recently rejoined us, now in the role of Area Manager Selectives. Andrew appreciates the warm and supportive welcome he received. “Everyone is super friendly, no matter which product or department they work for. We all share a passion for working on impressive brands.”  

Andrew used to work on NU.nl, and much enjoyed the meaning and impact of the products. But what won him over was DPG Media’s approach and way of working: the entrepreneurial and determined mindset of a start-up mixed with the power and strength of a large enterprise.  

Andrew: “I find DPG Media very inspiring, and I’m fully on board with the digital ambitions. We’re currently a leading media company, and we are well on our way in becoming one of the biggest tech leaders in the countries we operate in. We’re growing up fast.And we’re not only growing up, but we’re also growing in numbers.  Andrew is luring in tech talent to work on the digital challenges of de Volkskrant, Parool, Trouw, Humo, De Morgen, Libelle, and Margriet. 

So, why should engineers join him? “Every engineer here is proud of what they’re working on. DPG Media understands and embraces the fact that tech is constantly evolving and that engineers need autonomy to find the right solutions for the challenges they are facing. I think that’s why we are, fairly easily, able to create and maintain a DevOps culture, one that makes everyone thrive.”