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About DPG Media IT

We are the software craftsmen behind the digital products of all the media brands of DPG Media and all our internal applications that keep our business running. This means we enable the biggest news & entertainment brands in The Netherlands and Belgium via technology.

  • Discovering the agile culture in the media industry.
  • Delivering incremental business value with high quality and high speed as well as providing good support to our customers, is what we do.

More than 500 colleagues working from Antwerp, Vilvoorde, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hoofddorp. We believe the unit of delivery is the team. We want to mobilize all the brainpower we can and therefore try to organise our work environment without unnecessary levels and hierarchies, pigeon holes or marching orders to simply be executed.

Understanding the “why” is a prerequisite for doing what we do best. Understanding the problem is key to finding good solutions. Since we don't know what the future will be, we optimize for scale when it makes sense, for fast experiments & learning wherever we can.

Group IT Services Area

At DPG Media we all contribute to our mission to reach and inform as many people as possible. Our IT organization has several areas of expertise, today our Group IT services Area is looking for a skilled scrum master. Your challenge?

Our mission is to Support other IT teams with infrastructure services (networking, server, storage & middleware) & provide connectivity and IT building services to DPG Media employees

This results into 3 major flows:

  1. Keep it running → make sure we guarantee the uptime of provided services
  2. Support other IT teams → by helping to achieve their goals
  3. Area improvement → deliver the services in the best possible and cost efficient way

Your role

  • For DPG Media, a Scrum Master is more than a sprint coordinator, a person responsible for visualization and a facilitator of daily stand-ups. As a Scrum Master, you are responsible for the joint functioning of multiple teams in an area.
  • You make a difference by creating a positive working environment, you are the "Voice of reason" when the pressure becomes too great, you are not afraid to identify problems and, if necessary, you look for helplines in the broad organization.
  • Don't get us wrong: managing the sprint backlog, assisting the system engineers in determining priorities, facilitating reviews, dailies, retrospectives and other actions necessary to keep focus on daily operations and delivery remain priorities.
  • In addition, our focus is on continuous improvement and stimulation of the self-organizing capacity of the squads in your area.
  • Using the spirit of scrum (principles-based), you ensure that people and teams find the right context and support to produce their best work and remove impediments.

Je profiel

Your strengths

  • You have experience with coaching in IT infrastructure environments
  • You think in terms of processes and are fascinated to continuously improve them
  • You have knowledge and experience of day-to-day operations tasks in infrastructure teams and you have technical knowledge of network, data center, cloud and security.
  • Experience as a Scrum Master and knowledge of Scrum - broader Agile, Lean and coaching knowledge.
  • Encourages cross-functional squad operations. Encourages real collaboration, everywhere.
  • You are used to working with a group and building dynamics.
  • As a born and experienced communicator you make connections and stimulate conversations: within the team, with business stakeholders, and with your fellow scrum masters. In short, you succeed in turning a group into a team.
  • In addition to talking, you can also listen well and ask questions and you have coaching skills, you understand what communication means and you have extensive experience with this.
  • Decisive is who you are and what you do, you do not wait, but take the lead and are the sparring partner for the Area Manager.
  • You are a pragmatic thinker, flexible, result-oriented and systematic. and good facilitator.
  • You quickly turn problems into solutions and strive for continuous improvement. You have experience in guiding change and manage to shift the focus to the future.
  • Loves a fast-moving work environment and working in a cross-functional team gives you energy

What we offer you

  • Continuous deployment and automated testing are some of our core beliefs and we’ve moved to the cloud (AWS) with no intention of turning back. We also strongly believe in autonomous and self-managing teams, so you get a lot of say in how you want to work or what you want to improve.
  • You will be working at a leading media company bustling with fun colleagues. Like you, they are passionate about digital and offline media and are continuously learning new things from each other and from the best in the trade. You are set out on a journey where every next week will be different from the last, and where you are stimulated on a daily basis to take things to the next level.
  • You get the opportunity to keep reinventing yourself in an environment where continuous learning is the benchmark. All of this through trainings (internal and external), guild meetings, online courses, experiments,... You decide where the journey takes you, with maximum support from us!

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